Halle Bailey’s Says Son’s Birth Has Her Feeling More Inspired

In late 2023, Halle Bailey and her boyfriend, DDG Halo, welcomed their first child together and this had her fans talking for a long time. The Little Mermaid actress also shared with her fans behind-the-scenes looks at her pregnancy, becoming a mother, and other things. The young couple have since appeared to be enjoying themselves well with their new addition, encircling themselves with close friends and family, and thankfully disregarding negative comments on social media.

As avid fans of the star can attest, Bailey’s professional life was already hectic before baby Halo was born—music and movies—but motherhood hasn’t stopped her from moving forward. Actually, she said that she is more motivated than ever to create in a recent interview she did at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards with The Associated Press. Continuing, she gave a sneak peek at some new solo material, describing it as “a fusion of all the genres that [she loves] .” Fan anticipation for her upcoming album with her sister Chloe is understandable, as fans are eager to hear what she has in store for them. That will undoubtedly satisfy the continuous calls for a Chloe x Halle comeback, even though the specifics are still unknown and fans may have to wait a while for the dream project..

“I have never felt more creatively inspired in my whole life,”

“This is such a beautiful time for me because I truly feel like I’m venturing into my womanhood. I feel like a woman now, after having a baby. So, it opens up this whole other portal to write about stuff.”

“It feels really, really great,”

“It’s just, like, so nostalgic, and reminds us of our days when we did covers on YouTube.”

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