Halsey Says A Collaboration With Bad Bunny “Has Been Discussed”

“Without Me” star Halsey has revealed that a possible collab with Bad Bunny has been discussed.

If you were wondering, Halsey still has big plans for the year. While we all hope to hear about an upcoming tour, the singer has revealed that there could be a possible collaboration with Bad Bunny.

They shared this in reply to a fan who tweeted in Spanish, “a song with Bad Bunny please I beg you”. Halsey revealed in the conversation that “Honestly? It has been discussed”. However, they did not share any more info about the discussion. That could mean that a collaboration between the “New Americana” star and the Puerto Rican hitmaker would be dropping sometime this year. Fingers crossed.

Halsey further shared how much they have grasped the Spanish language. She wrote, “My speaking has improved significantly. I got through my last trip to Mexico being asked if I was a native speaker. They completely realised I am not once I tried to explain myself, lol.”

Earlier this month, they released the Extended Version of their No.2 charting album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross produced the acclaimed project.

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