Harrysong Confronts KCee Yet Again Over Unpaid Royalties And Previous Conflicts

Nigerian musician, Harrysong, has rekindled his rivalry with Kcee, the former head of a record label, by accusing him of not paying royalties and bringing up old grudges.

Harrysong, who is prominent for “Reggae Blues,” made news in the past when he accused his ex-wife of adultery and included KCee in the issue. On Sunday, May 26, he conducted an Instagram Live session, where he discussed his turbulent history with the label head and claimed that he never really stabilized his finances in the seven years he was signed to KCee’s Five Star Music company.

The singer related a story about how, after his father passed away, he approached KCee for financial support, only to be told he was a failure. Harrysong stated that he helped KCee while he was having doubts from others and that when he left Five Star Music, he was left without money. In addition, Harrysong claimed that KCee had him jailed several times and that he is currently pursuing outstanding payments from his previous label.

“I will not let KCee rest until he settles me,” he declared, vowing to carry out his campaign until he gets paid in full.

The singer’s public remarks have brought attention to the complexity of artist-label relationships in Nigeria’s music industry and have reignited interest in his ongoing battle with KCee.

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