KCee Exposes How Harrysong Committed Fraud By Forging His Signature

Surprising claims have been made by Nigerian musician KCee against Harrysong, a former label artist.

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, KCee disclosed in an interview with Beat 99.9 FM that Harrysong had, without his knowledge, forged signatures in order to scam a client out of nearly N3 million. KCee conveyed his dissatisfaction at Harrysong’s attempt to undermine him by asserting that he wrote every song.

Before signing Harrysong, he highlighted his rockstar status and said he was disheartened by the charges. KCee claims that the issue is presently being handled by the police, and he may decide to revive it. He identified witnesses who were dissatisfied with Harrysong’s activities and who knew about the effort at mediation between the parties, including Daddy Showkey and Ayo Animashaun.

According to reports, KCee and Harrysong have been at odds for a number of years, during which time Harrysong has made repeated attempts to damage KCee’s reputation. According to KCee, Harrysong even went so far as to forge KCee’s and his brother’s signatures in order to fraudulently obtain money from a client.

KCee declared that he would deal with the issue in public, saying that he had been silent about it for too long. He underlined how serious the situation was and how important it was that the whole story behind the accusations be revealed.

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