Harrysong Holds Actress, Destiny Etiko, Accountable For His Marital Woes

The well-known Nigerian musician and songwriter Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his stage as Harrysong, has launched a lengthy tirade that targets not only his former label boss KCee but also his estranged wife, Alexer Perez Gopa, and Nollywood starlet Destiny Etiko with severe accusations.

Harrysong, who has been embroiled in a public spat with KCee after accusing him on Friday of fraud and forgery of signatures, promised to expose the dishonest plans that Alexer and her mother are claimed to have concocted, so implicating Destiny Etiko. Earlier, Alexer had reached out to well-known Instagram blogger Cutie Juls to share her upsetting encounters with the singer.

She said that the former Five Star signee put pressure on her to end her third pregnancy and expressed his displeasure at the thought of getting another girl. Harrysong rushed to Instagram Live with a blazing tirade in response to these charges and the gossip blog Alexer that carried them. He accused Destiny Etiko of masterminding his wife’s link to gossip blogs in an intentional attempt to discredit Harrysong.

Harrysong’s response was fierce and uncontrolled. He fiercely charged that Etiko was the master manipulator behind the scenes, arranging this whole scandalous operation to damage his image. Harrysong said that Destiny Etiko was pressuring Alexer to take advantage of their marital problems in order to become more popular and discredit Harrysong.

He then unveiled a list of claimed wrongdoings, outlining a series of alleged crimes that were attributed to Alexer and her mother against the backdrop of his marital troubles.

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