Davido’s Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu Faces Backlash Over Daughter’s Pool Adventure

Social Media Users Express Concern Over Imade's Swimming Video

Sophia Momodu, the first baby mama of superstar singer, Davido, has been the subject of social media criticism after sharing a video of their daughter, Imade, enjoying a swim. The video, which shows Imade having fun with a friend in a swimming pool, has stirred reactions from netizens who expressed concern over the child’s safety.

The video, which was shared across various social media platforms, features Sophia Momodu cheering on Imade as she swam. However, the seemingly innocent video didn’t sit well with some social media users who expressed their concerns in the comments section. The concerns stem from a tragic incident last year when Davido’s son, Ifeanyi, drowned in a pool.

Many users suggested that Sophia should refrain from allowing Imade near the pool. One user, @chizzyrose7, commented, “Una don dey swim again ooh. I no won hear story.” Another user, @layomartins, added, “This video just made me remember Ifeanyi, it is well.” The comments were filled with similar sentiments, with many urging Sophia to keep Imade away from the pool.

Despite the backlash, some users defended Sophia, stating that she should be allowed to enjoy time with her daughter. One user, @Jared jude2101, said, “You guys should leave this lady. Davido and Chioma are moving around now, let her move around with her daughter too.”

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about child safety, especially around swimming pools. As the video continues to trend, it serves as a reminder of the importance of constant supervision when children are near bodies of water.

In the wake of the controversy, it’s clear that Sophia Momodu’s intentions were to share a joyful moment of her daughter. However, the incident has highlighted how quickly social media users can turn a seemingly innocent event into a topic of heated debate. As of now, Sophia Momodu has not responded to the backlash.

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