“Hov Did” – Jay-Z Releases Ari Melber’s Dissection Of His Verse On Tidal And Other Streaming Platforms

It might not be his finest hour, but Ari Melber is chuffed with Jay-Z’s transformation into, well, a song – or a semblance of it.

The celebrated media personality had released a breakdown of Jay-Z’s verse in the song “God Did.” The dissection had pleased many, from LeBron James to Jay-Z himself, and Hov decided to transform it into something else, dubbed “HOV Did.”

It’s currently available on several streaming platforms, including Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Ari Melber was deeply honoured by the gestures, and he said so out loud. As a journalist, according to him, he gets to meet several artists and report on many subjects. But Jay-Z sharing his report in the form of a track is a first and “an honour.”

Driving deeper, he noted that Jay-Z sharing the segment for listeners is good for posterity. For one, it elevates the context. He further stated that Jay-Z sampled his voice and turned it into a hot song. As to whether Ari was using his voice right, the media personality wouldn’t be dragged into that.

If you missed the dissection of that Jay-Z verse. You might want to check it out below. You might end up as impressed as Jay-Z and others. Who knows?

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