Ice Spice Causes Stir In Super Bowl Appearance As She Rocks Playboi Carti Gifts, An Upside-Down Pendant Fans Call “Demonic”

Ice Spice caused quite a stir with her appearance at the Super Bowl. Her pendant sparked controversy when some viewers interpreted it as a symbol of pure evil. During the game’s broadcast, many people noticed the chain she was sporting in the suit with Taylor Swift, which looked like an upside-down cross to some. This led to accusations of devil worship and demonic symbols being shown on television in front of millions of people.

Adding to the drama, at one point, she made a hand gesture known as the “quiet coyote,” which only fueled the accusations of unholy behaviour. However, sources with direct knowledge have revealed that celebrity jeweller Alex Moss designed the piece. The pendant is a stunning piece of jewellery made from black gold, a brand-new material developed by Alex, and it features baby pink sapphires throughout.

Moreover, Ice is the first celebrity of her calibre to own this kind of jewellery piece, which was gifted to her by Playboi Carti. While the rapper is known for his gothic and vampire vibes, our sources have assured us that there was nothing satanic behind the meaning or design of the piece. It was a collaborative effort between Alex and Playboi Carti. Whether or not the pendant leans towards the dark side is a matter of debate, as it’s difficult to tell what’s in people’s hearts. However, we do know that the chain is unique, calm, and part of an upcoming collection by Alex Moss. It’s worth noting that this is just the latest instance of a star fighting off accusations of dabbling with the devil, and it’s up to each individual to decide what to believe.

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