Ice Spice Stars In New Super Bowl Commercial For Starry Soda

Ice Spice has collaborated with PepsiCo’s lemon lime soda Starry for her new Super Bowl commercial.

With the slogan, “It’s time to see other sodas,” Ice Spice, in character, has moved on from her previous lemon-lime soda to Starry. She is shown seated between the animated mascots of the company, Lem and Lime, in the opening shot of the commercial, sharing a tender moment. “This Starry is really amazing!” she exclaims, and then they both plant a peck on her cheek.

When Ice Spice’s broken-hearted ex shows up, he is upset to find her drinking another soda, ruining the fun. As they observe the awkward exchange, Lime remarks, “He’s so vulnerable!” and Lem remarks, “This is intense.” The anonymous former soda (his garments’ labels are smeared), unable to cope with the rejection, loses it all, and erupts, dousing Ice Spice and her new beauties in his subpar carbonated citrus concoction.

PepsiCo introduced Starry in January 2023 to take the place of the discontinued Sierra Mist and to compete with Sprite and 7 Up, two well-known lemon-lime sodas. Since then, it has evolved into the official soft drink of the G League, WNBA, and NBA. This year’s Super Bowl commercials include a number of celebrities, including Ice Spice.

Have a look at the new fun commercial below:

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