In A “Verzuz” Battle, 2Pac, According To Joe Budden, Would “End” Biggie And Nas

According to Joe Budden, 2Pac could very well “end” both Nas and The Notorious B.I.G. in a Verzuz match. The rapper said that Biggie passed away too early in his career to compete against Pac in a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. Budden decided to step up the ante as his co-hosts Ish, Ice, and Parks started arguing over which artist has a deeper catalog: Pac or Nas.

“Alright, now that y’all have progressed the conversation, I’ma say this and I’ma put my shoes on while I say it,” he said. “‘Cause y’all are right: I think ‘Pac would end Nas in a Verzuz. [‘Pac] would end Big in a Verzuz, bad.”

Ish concurred: “‘Pac had some diverse albums, y’all. He gave you some shit for the girls, some shit for the n****s, some shit for the street n****s, some shit for some conscious n****s.”

“He might even get [Nas] with Greatest Hits disc one,” Ice added. When asked who could defeat ‘Pac, Budden acknowledged that Jay-Z has the collection to do it, but that he “lived too long” and had “too many features.” The two rappers would have been Swizz Beatz’s dream matchup for the show even though 2Pac and Biggie were both murdered in the late 1990s. Swizz Beatz is a co-founder of Verzuz.

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