Jared Leto Bungee-Jumps From An Insane Height Onto Stage At Music Festival

At the rock concert Thirty Seconds to Mars played at the ACL Festival on Saturday, Jared Leto made a dramatic arrival on the Honda stage. At the Austin City Limits Festival on Saturday, the 51-year-old Suicide Squad performer bungee-jumped onto the Honda stage as his rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars was on stage.

Leto was applauded as he stood on top of the Honda stage building with his arms out in a video that was released on his Instagram page. He yelled through the microphone, leapt onto the ground platform to join his band, and then did it again.

This weekend’s ACL Festival marks the actor’s second appearance on stage, according to Austin-American Statesman.

Leto has always been fearless, though. He was observed mounting a masonry structure in New York City without a harness in September. According to Page Six, the Haunted Mansion actor had been biking when he stopped and climbed a few feet.

However, that was not his first rodeo. He had previously scaled a hotel wall in Berlin back in June before this occasion. The actor was filmed by onlookers ascending to the second floor of the stone building and then safely down.

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