A Fan Surprised Pink At BST Hyde Park By Tossing Her Mother’s Ashes Onto The Stage

Pink was stunned during her recent BST Hyde Park show when a fan dropped a bag containing her mother’s ashes onto the stage. Over the weekend, the US pop artist was performing her main concert at BST Hyde Park in London when she observed a clear bag being dropped past her feet.

The incident occurred during a performance of her 2001 song “Just Like A Pill.” Fans at the show saw the singer-songwriter kneeling down to examine at the bag and briefly pausing singing as she tried to figure out what was inside.

“Wait, is this your mother?” she inquired, looking around the crowd and nervously chuckling. “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Pink, real name Alecia Beth Moore, is then shown picking up the bag and dragging it to the side of the stage before continuing with the song. Interestingly, the ashes were not the only unusual items on stage during Pink’s two gigs in the capital over the weekend.

A fan threw a huge wheel of cheese on stage last Saturday, causing Pink to humorously query its flavor based on its sharp aroma. Pink was also given a bespoke denim jacket, which she joyfully donned while singing.

Watch the video below to see what happened.

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