Lil Wayne Chides A Concertgoer For Throwing A Flag Onto The Stage

Rappers’ safety is an increasing worry, thus musicians are adopting even more safety measures to ensure that they are protected. Although throwing objects onto the stage at concerts has always been a popular activity, many performers nowadays appear to be sick of getting hit with objects.

While some fans throw their phones in the hopes that musicians would take pictures or videos, others harass rappers, much like the Rolling Loud audience did to Kid Cudi. On stage last Friday, August 19, Lil Wayne made it clear to the audience that he would end his show early if they continued to bother him. When something landed close to Weezy, he had hardly even started. He was unimpressed.

“This my first song. If a n*gga gonna be throwing the sh*t at me, I ain’t gonna do another song and I’ll get my ass right up out this motherf*cka,” he said. “It’s called respect. So, like I said, if a n*gga gonna be throwing sh*t at me, I don’t respect that person and give a f*ck.”

Wayne was still speaking while the audience screamed and sang, even breaking out in a “Weezy!” chant. The rapper then addressed the person who had thrown the object at him. Check it out below.

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