JayO’s “Often” – A New Chapter in Musical Versatility

The North London Virtuoso Blends Intimacy with Universal Appeal in Latest Single

JayO, the dynamic North London artist, has released his latest single, “Often,” further cementing his reputation as a genre-crossing maestro. At 24, JayO has already demonstrated a penchant for musical diversity, and “Often” is no exception, showcasing his ability to blend intimate storytelling with a sound that resonates on a global scale.

The single is a seamless fusion of R&B’s smoothness with the vibrant energy of Afrobeats, reflecting JayO’s British-Nigerian roots. “Often” stands out with its captivating beats and JayO’s emotive vocals, which invite listeners into a narrative of frequent contemplation and the rhythms of daily life.

Following his celebrated performances, including the notable appearance at Stormzy’s cultural event, “Often” is a testament to JayO’s evolving artistry. The track embodies the essence of his musical ethos – creating songs that are not only relevant today but have the potential to be the backdrop of parties for decades to come.

JayO’s journey in music has been one of constant evolution, from experimenting with sounds in his bedroom studio to gracing major stages. With “Often,” he continues to explore the possibilities of sound, delivering a track that promises to be both a personal reflection and a collective celebration, resonating with fans across the globe.

About JayO

At just 24, JayO, the North London singer, songwriter, and producer, is a testament to musical exploration. His journey is marked by a refusal to be confined to a single genre. “I’m always looking to expand my horizons,” he says. His music, infused with influences from grime to Afrobeats, is a testament to his diverse talents and British-Nigerian heritage.

JayO’s eclectic mix of sounds has been evolving since his teenage years, with a variety of tracks and albums shared online. Now, his focus is on R&B and Afrobeats, which are prominently featured in his initial official singles, ‘XO’ and ’22’. These tracks have captivated audiences, with ‘XO’ offering a sultry rhythm and ’22’ blending romantic piano melodies with JayO’s soft vocals.

His performance at Stormzy’s This Is What We Mean Day in the summer of 2023 was a significant milestone, yet JayO considers this just the start. His music is deeply rooted in his experiences, from lively family gatherings in Nigeria to the soulful ambiance of church and the local youth club’s studio. These influences converge in his music, aiming to capture the timeless joy found in classic party anthems.

With new music on the horizon, JayO continues to refine his signature feel-good sound. His work promises to evoke the thrill of connection, the intimate moments of a party, and the thrill of the unspoken. JayO’s sound is not just an auditory experience but an ongoing exploration of life’s myriad possibilities.

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