TikTok Vs UMG : Budding Artist Mareux Says Pulling Music From App Will Have Profound Impact On Label’s Small Artists More

The ongoing conflict between Universal Music Group and TikTok has caught the attention of many. Still, according to Mareux, a musician who experienced TikTok’s transformative power firsthand, the smaller artists on UMG’s roster may suffer the most. Mareux’s 2015 cover of The Cure’s “The Perfect Girl” recently went viral on the app in 2021, leading to a Coachella performance and launching his career to new heights. However, he fears that UMG’s decision to remove their music from TikTok will destroy the “limitless opportunities” the app provides for artists seeking exposure.

UMG claims they’re removing songs from TikTok to help their artists financially, but Mareux is sceptical. He believes that beefing up contracts would be a more effective way to support them than limiting their potential on TikTok. Mareux views integrating an artist’s music into TikTok posts as a valuable marketing tool that can transform their career. He argues that UMG’s decision to restrict their artists’ access to this platform is nothing but greed, and it will devastate lesser-known artists who rely on TikTok to promote their music.

While UMG is home to some of the biggest names in music, including Taylor Swift, Drake, and Ariana Grande, Mareux believes that the label’s smaller artists will be hit the hardest. He points out that he is a prime example of how TikTok can benefit a relatively unknown musician, as his viral cover of “The Perfect Girl” went unnoticed for six years until it took off on the app. Mareux notes that artists don’t typically make much money directly from TikTok, but the exposure generated can help them earn money in other ways. He worries that UMG’s strike will disrupt this crucial source of income, leaving many artists feeling stressed and uncertain about their future.

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