Di’Ja Reveals Name For Her Musical Comeback Album, ‘The Latecomer’

Nigerian singer Di’Ja celebrated her 39th birthday on Monday, August 14. She revealed this in a tweet on the platform X, formerly Twitter.

Di’ja Reveals Name For Her Musical Comeback Album, 'The Latecomer', Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024

In her words,

“I turned 39 years old today. I thank the Almighty Allah swt for His mercies on me. My husband, my family, friends and supporters, thank u so much for all the wishes today. Hehe, sharing my new passport photo, time for renewal.”

While Di’Ja was getting birthday greetings and congratulations, a curious admirer took advantage of the occasion to question her. The fan indicated that if she had stayed at Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records, she would have become as famous as Tems in his tweet, questioning why she departed. Di’Ja graciously responded to the fan’s inquiry, expressing her gratitude for the support and acknowledging the success of artists like Tems. She explained that her decision to leave Mavin Records was personal, driven by her desire for artistic growth and exploration of different musical opportunities.

However, DiJa promptly denied the implication. She claims she didn’t quit Mavin Records and sends her best wishes to Tems. Famous Nigerian singer Di’Ja clarifies that she didn’t leave Mavin Records. In a subsequent tweet, the well-known singer declares that she is eager to share her experience with the globe. She also alludes to her next music release, “The Latecomer,” as proof that God always places her exactly where she needs to be.

Di’ja Reveals Name For Her Musical Comeback Album, 'The Latecomer', Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024

In 2015, Di’Ja took a break from music after being married in a secret wedding. After giving birth to a child in 2016, the pair continued to prioritize family matters until 2019, when Di’Ja resumed performing in front of the public. Di’Ja focused on nurturing her growing family during her hiatus and cherishing precious moments with her child. However, in 2019, fueled by her passion for music and the support of her loved ones, she decided to make a powerful comeback and once again share her talent with the world.

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