Joshua “Abbah” Jeremiah Aspires To Set A Record For The Longest Recording Session In History

Jeremiah Joshua Abba Originally from Kogi state in Nigeria, Hitsound is a record producer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and youtuber. He explores a variety of musical genres, focusing especially on Afrobeats, Dancehall, and Afropop. In early secondary school, Hitsound, who was raised in a musically interested family, started a career in music.

Later, he made the bold move to launch a successful music production career while establishing himself in the music industry. Hitsound has built a thriving online music production career, amassing thousands of fans over the years on YouTube and other well-liked streaming services with his constant release of Type Beats and Instrumentals with a significant daily growth in following and subscribers.

It will be an endurance test unlike any other for Joshua Jeremiah to break the record. Over the course of several days, he intends to conduct an ongoing recording session with a diverse group of artists, who will all contribute their special talents and aesthetics. Not only will this massive endeavor advance musical technology, but it will also strengthen the bonds of friendship and togetherness among musicians.

At 40 hours and 19 minutes, Hawwal Emmanuel Olanrewaju Ogungbadero now holds the Guinness World Record for the longest recording session with several performers. As a sign of his unwavering dedication to his work, Hitsound Producer wants to surpass this milestone.

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