Joyce Ijeoma’s Attempt to Break Guinness World Record for Longest Massage Ends in Collapse

Nigerian Masseuse's 72-Hour Massage Marathon Ends Prematurely, Stirring Reactions Online

In a daring attempt to etch her name in the annals of the Guinness World Records, Nigerian masseuse Joyce Ijeoma embarked on a 72-hour massage marathon. However, the ambitious endeavor ended prematurely when Ijeoma collapsed after 53 hours of continuous massage.

The event took place in the Lekki area of Lagos State, where Ijeoma had been massaging different individuals non-stop. The goal was to break the existing record for the longest full-body massage, which stands at 25 hours and 4 minutes, set by South African Alastair Galpin in 2015. Galpin is recognized as the second biggest Guinness World Records breaker of the 2000s decade, having broken 38 World Records.

Ijeoma’s attempt was closely followed by many, with live coverage of the event being streamed online. However, the live coverage stopped abruptly when Ijeoma collapsed at 1 am on Tuesday. She had managed to complete 53 hours of the massage marathon, falling 19 hours short of breaking the record. As of the time of reporting, Ijeoma had not returned to the venue, sparking concerns and discussions among her followers and the general public.

The news of Ijeoma’s collapse quickly spread across social media platforms, with many expressing their concern for her health and well-being. Others praised her for her courage and determination in attempting such a physically demanding challenge. The incident has also sparked conversations about the lengths people go to in order to achieve fame and recognition.

This isn’t the first time a Nigerian has attempted to break a Guinness World Record. Recently, Hilda Baci broke the record for the longest cooking marathon, which has led to a surge in interest in Guinness World Record attempts in the country.

While Ijeoma’s attempt at the record did not end as planned, her effort and determination have certainly not gone unnoticed. Her attempt serves as a reminder of the physical limits of the human body and the risks involved in such extreme endeavors. As we await further updates on Ijeoma’s condition and future plans, her attempt has certainly put the spotlight on the world of massage therapy and Guinness World Record attempts in Nigeria.

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