King Promise Encourages Ghanaian Musicians To Support One Another

Ghanaian singer, King Promise, is sick and tired of his fellow Ghanaian artists only strictly competing with one another with the absence of love and support that now seems clear enough for even the blind to see.

The singer decided to get into the matter in a recent interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, YouTuber and content creator, where he underlined the difficulties in encouraging musician collaboration in the Ghanaian music industry, pointing out that some musicians view everything as competition and rivalry instead of a chance for reciprocal advancement.

The “Terminator” crooner even went ahead to narrate a personal experience of how a Ghanaian musician once refused to have him perform at a show the artist was hosting in London at the time. Expressing his disappointment, King Promise said that he had actually been invited to the show, but wouldn’t be allowed to “do the thing,” probably referring to him coming on stage to perform.

King Promise then compared the same scenario to his Nigerian counterparts like Omah Lay and Wizkid, who he had said brought him on stage at their respective international shows.

King Promise called on other Ghanaian musicians to change their perspective from one of competition to one of teamwork, stressing that the success of the music business depends on cooperation rather than inter-personal conflicts.

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