Stefflon Don Encourages Ladies To Ditch Breakfast

Stefflon Don, a prominent British hip-hop performer, has said that she skips breakfast. Stephanie Victoria Allen is from the UK. She said this in response to whether she brushes her teeth before or after breakfast during a recent event’s red carpet interview. The ex-girlfriend of Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer, further disputed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and stated that she does not concur with it.

Stefflon then counseled other females of the same size to eat later in the day because it aids in weight loss. The rapper replied that she is still alive and well, indicating that there are no health repercussions, in response to the reporter’s question about if it is healthy.

People’s responses to Stefflon’s remarks have been conflicted. While some individuals support her method of weight loss, others have voiced worry since they believe it may not be appropriate for everyone. However, Steff will always be Steff, dishing out unsolicited advice to the younger generation of women who care to listen, just like she did during the Hakimi prenup saga that occurred weeks ago.

The femcee threw in her two cents, telling ladies not to depend on their man’s wealth and resources, significantly if they did not assist the man in securing his wealth, which, if you deep it, makes a good deal of sense.

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