Twista Encourages Gun Education In The Hope Of Preventing Violence

Contrary to what certain stories may claim, a number of Hip Hop musicians are actively working to reduce violence in the community. Others frequently host events in small communities, give away items to underprivileged areas, and collaborate with local leaders to mediate peace between rival gangs. Some rappers have inspired initiatives, foundations, and charities.

Twista, a rap legend, recently spoke with TMZ about his “The Gun Camp” course, where he educates individuals about firearms in the hopes that they will come to respect them as well as stop viewing them as something to be feared.

“I learned about firearms like a lot of other people had, so I had negative perceptions, but once I became a firearms instructor and a competitive shooter and just got in it from a different angle, I was able to see firearms from a different view, and it gave me the passion to want to go out and teach people, as well as the youth, about firearm safety and just educate them about firearms overall so that people would have a different perception about firearms.

He continued by saying that he hoped this instruction would change how people perceived the use of firearms, especially in the areas of being “defensive-minded” and safeguarding others “more so than things of negativity.”

Watch Twista emphasize the value of gun safety and education in the video below.

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