Sway Calloway, An American Journalist, Refers To Ghanaian Musician Stonebwoy As “The Jay-Z Of Ghanaian Music”

In an episode of the well-known radio program Sway In The Morning, prominent US media figure Sway Calloway could not resist his admiration for Ghanaian dancehall superstar Stonebwoy. During the entertaining interview, Sway reminisced about the first time he met the gifted musician and lavished praise on him, comparing him to the Jay-Z of Ghanaian music.

Sway recalled his utterly fascinated reaction to seeing Stonebwoy play live for the first time when he initially traveled to Ghana. Stonebwoy’s electric stage presence and extraordinary musical skills left the radio show host in awe.

Sway attempted to emphasize the magnitude of Stonebwoy’s impact on the music landscape, not only in Ghana but also on a global scale, by referring to him as the Jay-Z of Ghanaian music. The comparison to Jay-Z, a renowned figure in the US music industry, highlighted the extent of influence and talent Sway was attributing to Ashaiman’s dancehall star.

The pair participated in a heated debate about the dynamic and diverse terrain of African music throughout the interview. Sway recognized Stonebwoy’s enormous contribution to raising the profile of Ghanaian music and African music in general, as well as his role as an ambassador for the Afro-dancehall genre.

Check out the full interview below:

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