Lil Baby Samples Drake & Jay-Z’s “Pound Cake” On New Song

Lil Baby is about to give things a little shaking up.

Two years later after Lil Baby blew up to international recognition with the release of ‘My Turn’, the rapper keeps going hard. As the ATL rapper continues to keep fans eagerly expecting his next solo drop, he hasn’t completely made himself an absentee on the music scene.

He got together with Lil Durk last summer for their commercially successful, collaborative full-length project, Voice Of The Heroes. He has slacked with appearing as a guest on several huge tracks and delivering excellent guest verses.

Baby has a way of nicely keeping fans and supporters on the edge of their seats in the wait for new music, but from the looks of it, breaths wouldn’t have to be held any longer. The rapper recently went on his Instagram to share a snippet of a new song containing the same Ellie Goulding sample used by Drake and Jay-Z on “Pound Cake.”

The rapper’s syrupy, auto-tuned vocals penetrates the muddy production with the bragging of a wealthy man who owns private jets and has shared stages with Billie Eilish, all the while reflecting on disloyalty and betrayal amongst the folks he grew with.

“I’m Just Warming Up,” he wrote, along with #Thissummermines.

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