Lil Nas X Apologises To Christians For Controversial “J.Christ” Video

The Christian world is still reeling from the fallout from Lil Nas X’s “J Christ” song, and faith-based artists have continued to lambast the idea even if LNX seems apologetic, and if these artists’ responses are any indication, the harm may have already been done. Some of the biggest Christian rappers of today continue to disagree with his apology, as they believe that Nas X’s new “J Christ” campaign openly mocks the religion, and they’re not going for it.

Dee-1 is not new to criticizing musicians he believes are misguiding their followers. He confronted Lil Nas X by posting a “warning” next to one of his murals, accusing him of being used as a prop for Christians on behalf of Columbia Records. Dee implied that he was “church hurt” and that he felt he was being rejected because he was gay, thus leading to these unbridled antics, which, in his opinion, have gone too far.

In line with these sentiments, Lecrae—the first rapper to win a Grammy for Best Gospel Album—asked his fans to pray for LNX, claiming he’s not a lost cause yet in another admonition following the “J.Christ” release.

Even though Montero took to Instagram on Monday to try and apologize for the negative responses, he also acknowledged that the amount of hate he still received shocked him. Lil Nas X claims he believed that the general public would have recognized his satire, which had him turning away from the dark side and fighting Satan in the video.

He continues,

“I wanted the Jesus inspiration to be a metaphor for my career coming back to life.”

Though he denies being the “anti-Christ” sent to destroy family values, he does acknowledge that his communion advertising video may have gone too far and he apologizes for the antics.

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