Lil Nas X’s Brother Pleads With Nicki Minaj For Forgiveness On His Behalf

Lil Nas X’s brother is holding out an olive branch to Nicki on his brother’s behalf, calling for peace and reconciliation between both parties.

In the wake of the reconciliation between Nicki and rap duo, City Girls, Lil Nas X’s brother is tapping into that energy to work something out for his Grammy award-winning brother.

From before the Old Town Road crooner found fame, he had always been a huge fan of Nicki’s. A barb.

But when he was asked about his fan love for the rapper, Lil Nas shied away and refuted those claims. That may not have sat well with the Barbie rap queen, but since that time, singer has actually rendered apologies to both Nicki and other barbz.

No word has come back from the rapper’s camp since the apology. In addition to that, she also turned down a feature offer to be on Montero, which later spawned into a big, big global hit.

Taking to his Twitter page, the singer’s brother tweeted: “U got one more barb to have a convo with [eyeball emoji] ,” he wrote. “I gues imma be the one to say it can we get a @NICKIMINAJ and @LilNasX for the culture [praying hands emoji] .” He added, “I watched my brother grow up loving nicki I personally believe if he can have one feat from anybody it would be her [shrug emoji] he deserves it he worked his ass off to get to where he at [praying hands emoji] .”

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