Liya Explains Why She Left Davido’s DMW Record Label

Liya, DMW’s former first lady, is finally letting us know why she abruptly took an exit from Davido’s record label.

Liya, a DMW ex-signee discussed her departure from the record label in a recent podcast interview. Regardless of the fact that she released some nice singles like “Lakiriboto” and “Melo” during her stay at DMW, she felt that her career was not paid the attention it deserved.

This was what forced her hand to drop the label. Liya claimed that her decision to take a leave was primarily motivated by her perceptions that DMW was not exactly catering to her career neither was it being supported like it deserved. She also revealed a deep-seated desire to start anew, steering her music career in a whole new direction.

Before the new interview, she had already provided some insight on her current status with DMW in July, while replying to a fan’s comment on IG. Her exit from DMW ends a three-year relationship in which she released her breakthrough single, “Melo,” and worked closely with other artists on the label, including Mayorkun and OBO himself.

While she has cleared the air on her decision to bounce from DMW, her departure surprised many because it looked like an impromptu move, seeing as she had been under the label since 2019.

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