M.I. Abaga Shares On Love And How He Met His Wife In Trending Podcast Interview

As a guest on the Tea With Tay podcast, Jude Abaga, better known by his stage name, M.I. Abaga, has revealed details about how he met his wife, Eniola Mafe, and his music and philosophical views on life, work, love, and relationships. He also mentioned a rough breakup with his unidentified ex-girlfriend before he met his wife. During the podcast, M.I. Abaga expressed that his past breakup was pivotal, leading him to reflect on his approach to love and relationships. He emphasized the importance of growth and self-discovery, significantly attracting his now-wife, Eniola Mafe.
The rapper claimed that after trying unsuccessfully to revive his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, he moved on to find another person. He even tried dating apps to find love but could not find his dream partner. The Mr. Incredible crooner claimed that Eniola Mafe was introduced to him for marriage by Audu Maikori, the co-founder of Chocolate City. Eniola Mafe, a successful entrepreneur, caught the rapper’s attention with her intelligence and charm. Despite their initial connection, the rapper admitted that they ultimately decided to remain friends as they both prioritized their careers at the time, even though he had already decided in his heart.
In an interview for the most recent Tea With Tay podcast, M.I. stated:
“When I was ready to marry and I wanted to meet someone, I was like, ‘As a celebrity, how do you meet someone? How do you date?’ I even tried dating apps but I didn’t find my ideal woman there. So, I was like, I would just ask people. I asked Audu [Maikori] and he was like, ‘There’s this girl called Eniola Mafe.’ And I was like, ‘Let’s see.’ As he was saying it, I pulled her up on Instagram. Now, when I was younger, I used to say the woman I wanted to marry had an Afro [hairstyle] . I pulled up her DP and she had an Afro.
“I went on her page, I was like, ‘Are you guys telling me that this woman is not married? Is it that she’s divorced?’ That was my first thought based on what I saw, how she looked, and the things she was into. You know, when you see that kind of opportunity, you go sit up. So, I now hit her up. I followed her. The next day, she saw something on my story; she responded to it and we started chatting. As soon as we started talking, we never stopped talking. The next time we spoke, we spoke for two hours. The third time we spoke, we spoke for three hours. When I met Eniola, I realised that I just met someone whose story I wanted to continue to be part of. And that’s what marriage is. Everything else just flows from there.”

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