Megan Thee Stallion Releases Her New Single, ‘Plan B’

Not up to a week after she had debúted it live at Coachella, Megan Thee Stallion has finally unleashed her new single, “Plan B.” On the new song that samples Jodeci’s “Freak’n You (Remix),” the Houston rapper holds it down for all the ladies while she calls out a “f**k ni**a.”

“I’m the only reason that your goofy ass got bitches,” raps Tina Snow. “Damn, Icober can’t believe I used to let you f**k me / I’d rather be in jail before a broke ni**a cuff me.”

The song obviously seems to be inspired by one of Megan’s ex-lovers. Your mind probably went straight to Tory Lanez, right? Well, it remains unclear who the shots were sent off to. Only Meg can lend clarity to that puzzle.

“This song is very motherfu**in’ personal to me and it’s to whom it may the f**k concern and I really feel like my ladies gon’ f**k with me on this one,” she had announced to the crowd at Coachella during her performance.

“Plan B” comes after Megan had released her joint hit track with UK’s heartthrob, Dua Lipa “Sweetest Pie,” which peaked at No. 15 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Feel free to check out the new single right below.

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