Billie Eilish Reveals Her New Album’s Title And Release Date

Billie Eilish has officially revealed her third full-length album, as anticipated!

“‘HIT ME HARD AND SOFT,’ MY THIRD ALBUMMMMMMMMMMM COMES OUT MAY 17THHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH,” she wrote in a post on social media replete with emoticons. The image of the album’s cover, which shows Eilish swimming toward an open white door while underwater, was also included.

A brand-new image of Eilish underwater that matched the album cover was included with the official press release for the record. A press release that accompanied Eilish’s post provides at least some context for the album’s contentious title, which is all capitals like her previous albums rather than the all-lowercase style she has utilized recently.

The album was produced by Finneas, Eilish’s brother and musical partner, and it was written by them both as usual. In line with Eilish’s recent remarks regarding the environmental impact of physical products like vinyl, the release states that the album will be accessible on all digital platforms.

Eilish has been teasing the album with a series of billboards in key cities across the globe last week, and she has been talking about it for a few weeks now. The well-known “blohsh” sign and what appear to be lyrics excerpts were shown on the billboards in place of the Grammy and Oscar-winning artist’s name.

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