Mr. Eazi Says Nigerian Hardship Hasn’t Affected Him

Mr Eazi, a sensational artist and businessman known officially as Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, has acknowledged to living a ‘eazi life’.

The ‘Patek’ singer responded positively after a fan identified on Twitter as @w72hw90104 remarked that the country’s hardship had affected even the musician. Mr Eazi, on the other hand, corrected him on the microblogging site, noting that, contrary to popular assumption, he is doing well.

Additionally, the singer recently asserted that he entered the music industry because he was tired of being an artist. Eazi asserted that he entered the music industry by mistake and never intended to be a musician. After his 2019 Coachella performance, he claimed he recognized he needed to take a different path.

Mr. Eazi made this assertion in a recent interview with media personality Angela Lee, who also remarked that he opted to diversify into IT to relieve the stress he was experiencing in the music business. The mechanical engineer, who has been a musician for three years, acknowledged that he had thought about quitting since he had not felt satisfied following his Coachella performance.

The ‘Skin Tight’ singer also revealed that he will begin investing in the film sector next year.

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