Thank You Davido!: Young Nigerian Comedian Rolls On The Floor Following Davido’s Response To Him, Leaks Chat

Dreams do come true, and miracles do happen. This is the case of an upcoming comedian for whom Lady Luck has shone her lights as Davido has taken an interest in helping or promoting his work. The boy, still a rising comedian, claimed in a tearful video that he had messaged numerous celebrities, including Broda Shaggy and Sir Balo, but received no response.

The young boy, who was sharing his experience, broke down in tears as he described how his family had abandoned him because he had chosen to pursue his “talent” as a comedian. Despite the lack of response from the celebrities, the boy remained determined to pursue his passion for comedy. In the emotional video, he expressed his hope that his comedy skits would someday reach someone who could help him achieve his dreams and prove his worth to his family -and Davido responded to him.

Thank You Davido!: Young Nigerian Comedian Rolls On The Floor Following Davido'S Response To Him, Leaks Chat, Yours Truly, News, April 25, 2024

From the leaked chats, Davido promised to promote his work and advance his career, and he expressed his happiness by rolling around on the ground. As a result, fans were thrilled by his enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the success that awaited him. His exuberant display of joy was a testament to his unwavering passion for his craft.

“Davido don change my story. Davido don change my life. Ahh. I just dey message all these celebrities. Broda Shaggy and Sir Balo. They no reply me. I no fit lie against them. Them no reply me.

“But I just messaged Davido about my life say my family no send me again because I dey do comedy video. Comedy Na my talent. He say make I do video send for am.”

Social media users flocked to the comments section to express their joy with him and to reiterate their love and loyalty for Davido despite his purported flaws recently putting him in the limelight asides from his music.

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