Nicki Minaj Covers Vogue; Talks Music, Family And Motherhood

The latest edition of the prestigious Vogue magazine features the legendary and ever-charming rapper and musician Nicki Minaj in a stunning cover appearance. In the fashion magazine interview, Nicki discusses a wide range of topics, providing an intimate glimpse into her life as a mother, her illustrious music career, and her personal growth. The cover portrait, captured by the skilled Norman Jean, showcases a breathtaking Nicki wearing a gorgeous cream-coloured satin dress embellished with a draped neckline and a ruched accent on one hip.

During the interview, Nicki candidly speaks about her first experiences as a mother, which began in the isolated days of the COVID-19 pandemic. She gives an insightful account of the joys and challenges of being a new mother and shares how her child, whom she adores and affectionately refers to as “Papa Bear,” has brought her immense happiness. Nicki also reminisces about her initial concerns that starting a family would diminish her passion for music, only to discover that motherhood has had the opposite effect, fueling her love of music even more.

Nicki’s fans eagerly await the release of her highly anticipated second album, “Pink Friday 2,” scheduled to launch on December 8, marking her first album in five years. According to her mix engineer, Audrey “Big Juice” Delaine, the album’s sound is dynamic and fresh, drawing inspiration from Nicki’s earlier work. He describes the album as a collection of greatest hits featuring brand-new tracks, which will undoubtedly leave fans thrilled and wanting more.

Nicki Minaj Covers Vogue; Talks Music, Family And Motherhood, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

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