Seun Kuti Downplays Talks That His Family’s Musical Success Is Because They Are “Associated With Fela”

Seun Kuti, the son of the legendary afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, has recently spoken out against the popular belief that his family’s success in music is solely attributed to their relationship with Fela. Seun stressed that his family’s musical heritage goes beyond his father’s legacy and should not be reduced to it. Seun is highly regarded for his socially conscious music and controversial stance on socio-political issues in Nigeria and beyond. His music often tackles sensitive topics such as corruption, inequality, and political oppression, making him a voice for the voiceless. His work has not gone unnoticed; he has been recognized with several prestigious awards for his craft.

“It is not because of our dad that we are successful in music. My brother, Femi Kuti is 60. I am 40. My nephew, Made Kuti, is behind us now too, in his 20s. And he is the best of all of us,”

“It is not just because we are Fela’s children. I mean, nobody says Fela is a musician because his father was a musician. Nobody knows that Fela’s father was a musician. My grandfather was a musician. He recorded albums, and he wrote a lot of hymns. My great-grandfather was the first person in Nigeria to record a song. We came from a lineage of musicians.”

“It is what we are. We are creative people. So, when people say we are successful musicians because we are Fela’s children, they are just being half clever.”

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