SA’s Tyla Talks Music, Shares Admiration For Asake’s Style Of Music On Rolling Stone

Tyla, a Grammy-nominated artist from South Africa, has stirred up debate on social media regarding Asake’s music. Tyla discussed the pioneers who shaped her career as a young girl before she started her musical career in an interview with Rolling Stone. The Grammy Award nominee brought up R&B singers like Rihanna. Tyla went on to say that she adores how Afrobeats incorporates choir-like singing. She noted that Asake’s music stands out from other singers in the genre because of its distinctive fusion of R&B and afrobeats. According to Tyla, this synthesis produces a catchy and refreshing sound appealing to a broad demographic.

Giving Nigeria’s Asake as an example, the vocalist of “Water” raved about it. His chorus hooks people because, in her opinion, he makes good use of the choir’s vocals. Asake’s ability to utilize the choir’s vocals in his chorus adds a captivating and harmonious element to his songs. This technique showcases his talent as a vocalist and creates a unique and memorable listening experience for the audience.

Also, during her recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Tyla trended as she taught veteran singer Jennifer Hudson how to do the “Water” dance. Tyla’s ability to captivate the audience with her talent was further showcased, leaving everyone in awe of his versatility as an artist.

Sa'S Tyla Talks Music, Shares Admiration For Asake'S Style Of Music On Rolling Stone, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

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