Ginuwine Talks About Music, Crowns Usher “King Of R&B”; Reveals His Choice Of “Bedroom Music”

In a recent interview with TMZ’s journalist Shirley Ju, R&B legend Ginuwine touched on various topics related to his music career. The artist revealed that he has passed the R&B crown to Usher, whom he believes is the reigning king of the genre. Ginuwine’s music catalogue is filled with bedroom bangers, but when it comes to his personal preferences, he likes to listen to Marvin Gaye’s music in the bedroom. Despite his success in creating sensual music, Ginuwine finds solace in the timeless melodies of Marvin Gaye, appreciating the depth and soulfulness of his songs during live performances. He admitted that he has a soft spot for old-school soul music and prefers to listen to his songs during live performances rather than in his personal life. Ginuwine admired Usher’s ability to consistently deliver hits and evolve with the changing times, acknowledging his impact on the R&B genre.

Furthermore, Ginuwine shared his opinions on today’s hip-hop royalty, naming Nas and Missy Elliott as his top picks. He also expressed his excitement for Usher’s upcoming performance at the Super Bowl, stating that he is sure that the performance will be nothing less than perfect. The interview with Ginuwine was fun and insightful, touching upon the artist’s various playlists. Although he reacted sharply when asked if he got down to any of his tracks, he explained that he prefers to listen to other artists in the bedroom. Ginuwine also mentioned that he will be on the road most of the year as he tours and performs for his fans.

Catch more about that exclusive interview here.

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