Nicki Minaj Responds To Latest Megan Thee Stallion Diss In “Hiss”; Seemingly Hits At Pardison Fontaine Infidelity Rumors In Cryptic Tweet

The new single from Megan Thee Stallion, “Hiss,” has generated a lot of buzz in the music business. The song has been controversial due to the callouts of various artists, including Drake and Nicki Minaj. The feud between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj has run deep and fierce as the once-besties are seemingly at loggerheads. Some fans and industry players perceive the bars in the music as below the belt. This has sparked a reaction from concerned parties, with many monitoring the situation closely. Indeed, Nicki’s Megan’s Law tweet is moving chaotically on the TL.

In response to the shade thrown at her in “Hiss,” Nicki Minaj, one of the artists called out in the song, tweeted a cryptic message. The tweet suggested that Nicki might be referring to rumours about Megan’s ex, Pardison Fontaine, who has been reportedly seen as a sex perv and was once caught having unprotected sex with another woman on Megan’s bed. The tweet read, “For a free beat, you could hit #MeganRAW,” and has been interpreted differently by fans.

In “Hiss,” Megan aimed at Nicki’s family and went after her husband, Kenneth Petty, who is also a convicted sex offender. This has understandably upset Nicki, who has angrily responded to the bars. However, some of Nicki’s fans feel that Megan went too far in her diss, especially compared to her other disses. The situation between the two rappers remains tense, with fans and industry players keeping a close eye on their interactions.

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