Petrol Hike : FG Increases Petrol Price To N185 Per Litre

The Petrol scarcity and hike-in-price situation in the country have reached a new high as the FG has increased the pump price again. And Nigerians have decried the move made by the Executive. The FG officially raised the price of fuel by 8.8%, and the ex-depot price also climbed from N148 to N167 per litre.

But according to sources, several service stations across the country had already been selling for much more than this new price, which may have rendered the new pricing all but impossible to implement.

But the government has ordered that the new price go into effect right away in a statement to fuel marketers.

Organized Labour responded to the announcement of the fuel price increase by expressing outrage at the increase and labeling it atrocious.

According to an unnamed labor official, organized labor must convene and make a final decision on the issue.

He then urged Nigerians to boycott the price increase and demonstrate their displeasure in the upcoming elections.

He stated, “It is astonishing that this government has chosen to compound Nigerians’ already intolerable suffering brought on by the government’s anti-policies.

“The organized labor movement and the entire suffering Nigerian populace completely reject and find this increase intolerable. We perceive this rise as the final throes of a dying dictatorship, and Nigerians are not willing to go down with it. We are unable to stay in this lane. The government cannot keep punishing Nigerians with its own shortcomings.

In a related event, the governor of Ekiti State has lent his voice to the outcry. He accuses the federal government of intentionally causing the present petrol shortage so as to justify the planned increase.

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