Anita Joseph Claps Back At Troll, Claims She Gave Her Husband Money For Her Bride Price

Anita Joseph, a Nollywood actress, responded to a troll who questioned whether her husband actually paid her bride price. The actress has frequently received criticism from some online community members for her decision to wed a younger man. The actress and a troll got into a heated fight about who is in authority in her home in a recent Instagram interaction.

The internet user said that her spouse never seemed content and questioned whether the actress had given him the money to cover her bride price. Joseph sarcastically stated in her statement that her hubby is never happy. She also claimed to have given him money to pay her bride price. This comes just a month after the actress was accused of financially supporting her husband.

Anita refuted the charges, saying her husband is scheduled and does gigs on a daily basis, and they sometimes opt to turn down assignments. Making light of the claim, the actress stated that funding her husband for six years and three weeks is not an easy feat, and that there are men who a woman will fund and they will still be unfaithful.

Anita Joseph questioned the critic further, asking why she was so concerned about whether she is paying her husband.

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