Phenom Makes A Comeback With The Explosive New Tune “Man Dem”

Phenom, a Nigerian rapper, has returned to the music world after a lengthy absence, sending waves of expectation across the Nigerian hip-hop landscape.

The last remnants of his craft were recorded in his brilliant collaboration with the acclaimed veteran team, Phyno and Olamide, on the electric single Shamanya, which was released in 2021. Fans have been waiting for the lyrical maestro’s comeback ever since.

Phenom has finally returned to the music arena with a blistering new tune titled Man Dem. This tune was skillfully crafted by J’snane, a rising beatmaker. Man Dem is Phenom’s first musical release in what feels like an age, and it is being well welcomed by his diehard fans. Phenom has teased an upcoming EP in the aftermath of this long-awaited release.

Man Dem is a tantalizing sneak peek into this highly anticipated project, with its scorching lyrics and mesmerizing beat, putting listeners on the tip of their seats in anxious anticipation. Phenom’s promise of additional aural treasures and lyrical skill is an incredibly exciting musical future.

So brace yourselves, for Phenom’s return signifies the start of a new chapter in Nigeria’s hip-hop industry, one that promises to be explosive, dynamic, and unforgettable. Man Dem is just the first shot, and we can only imagine the sonic bliss that awaits us in the complete EP. Check out the new single below:

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