Philly Goats Launch Debut Mixtape “Philly Goats”

Gaining momentum in the music scene and consistently trending on social platforms, the renowned rap group Philly Goats unveil their fiery debut mixtape named “Philly Goats.” The mixtape is now accessible through Stack Or Starve/Def Jam Recordings.

This seven-song compilation showcases the combined and solo talents of D Sturdy, Sou, and PGS Spence. Notably, their dynamic synergy shines in “Turnt,” where they deliver rapid verses filled with confidence. The track “Buss It” stands out with its entrancing vocals set against a backdrop reminiscent of Jersey Club vibes. Their distinct flair is evident in every track, especially in “Toot That,” which encapsulates the essence of the Philly Goats sound. The complete tracklist provided below.


  1. Toot That
  2. Get Off The Wall
  3. X Em
  4. Buckle Up
  5. Buckle Up (Remix) [feat. Armani White]
  6. Turnt
  7. Buss It

The mixtape also features the hit “Buckle Up” and its revamped version with Armani White, which has already amassed over 5 million streams worldwide. Recognized by major platforms like Global Grind, Billboard highlighted it as a top pick in the “R&B/Hip-Hop” category.

The rise of Philly Goats is undeniable. With accolades like “Trending Artist On The Rise” from YouTube and a nod from The FADER for their track “Get Off The Wall” as a potential 2023 summer anthem, their influence is growing. Their rendition of Kool & The Gang’s “Get Down On It” has sparked a massive response on TikTok, with its catchy beats and memorable lines.

Blending classic club vibes with contemporary rap and catchy choruses, Philly Goats are carving a niche for themselves. Their unique sound has earned praise from Pitchfork, labeling them as the future of Club Rap. Their track “X Em” is also making waves, with its music video garnering over half a million views on YouTube. Publications like Teen Vogue have lauded their ability to resonate with the Gen-Z audience, especially on platforms like TikTok.

In the past year, Philly Goats have consistently delivered hits, becoming the face of Philadelphia’s “hip dance” scene. Their track “X EM” alone has generated significant buzz on TikTok. Their live rendition of “X EM” on On The Radar Radio further solidified their presence in the industry.

As 2024 approaches, Philly Goats are set to dominate the charts.



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