Pharrell Williams Reveals New Louis Vuitton And Timberland Partnership

As creative director of Louis Vuitton, Pharrell Williams has leveraged his position to work with another legendary brand, Timberland.

The “Happy” rapper and producer debuted the first pair of boots from their collaboration on Instagram on Thursday, January 11. The iconic work boots, which are practically a wardrobe mainstay for every winter in New York, have been updated to showcase the LV pattern on the inside tongue of the shoe.

However, Pharrell made no mention of the sneakers’ retail price or availability, date, or location. For his most recent Louis Vuitton ad, Pharrell recruited LeBron James’ skills earlier this month, but not his basketball skills.

The NBA player was formally introduced as the face of the French luxury brand’s Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection on January 4. King James appears to be wearing a range of outfits and handbags as he strolls around city streets in stylish pictures and videos that have been posted on social media.

This week, LV pop-up shops in New York and Los Angeles hosted the unveiling of the new collection, which makes use of Pharrell and LeBron’s combined global influence and creative talents. However, it’s unclear if Bron will serve as the spokesperson for this exclusive partnership between LV and Timberland.

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