Portable Compares His Popularity To Micheal Jackson’s

Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, a Nigerian musician, has boasted of being superior to the late American musical icon Michael Jackson. In a widely shared video, the “Zazuu Zeh” performer claimed that the Billie Jean hitmaker’s “glory” did not compare to his own.

When a sizable group of people surrounded Portable’s automobile and restricted him from driving through, Portable made the remark. His car was being battered by the throng, and they were reaching out with their hands as if they expected something from him.

To encourage the throng to stop pelting his car, the well-known musician dropped some money into the mix, and they scrambled to grab as much as they could.

His newest stunt came just days after he won a music award. The artist, who has made his stamp and energies felt in the music industry, received an award for his efforts. He received the prize at the Golden Stars prize ceremony on Sunday, June 18th, 2023.

Portable expressed his gratitude for the recognition and pledged to deliver a Grammy Award to Nigeria during his acceptance speech. He took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his fan base for their overwhelming support, referring to himself as the “new born Fela.”

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