Portable Shares Heartwarming Video As He Celebrates Wife; Fans React

Due to his infamous “I am a baboon, I live in the Zoo” comment going viral, popular Nigerian singer Portable has continued to trend on social media. The contentious artist used social media to flaunt his wife Omobewaji for the umpteenth time. As the video of Portable’s intoxicated display with his wife went viral on social media, the Zazu Zeh singer uploaded a video of himself with the mother of his children and referred to her as “Iyawo baboo.” It prompted many humorous remarks.

Portable Shares Heartwarming Video As He Celebrates Wife; Fans React, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

The Zazu Zeh singer’s wife, Omobewaji, recently joined her partner on the trendy cruise in an intimate video. In the clip, Portable called his wife “Iyawo baboo” while complimenting her. Despite him referring to her as “Baboo’s wife,” Bewaji did not seem to mind and maintained her grin as she continued to enjoy her husband’s company. The affectionate video of Portable and his wife, in which he referred to her as Iyawo Baboo, quickly became popular online.

This comes after a group of police officers tried to arrest Nigerian singer Portable at his bar, setting off hilarious online reactions and discussions. After things started to get back to normal, Portable revealed in a video on his page that his ex-signee was responsible for the arrest order because a petition had been filed against him in the past. He disclosed further that the youngster in question was under him as a musician after he helped him get out of a life of fraud.

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