50 Cent Is Enjoying Gucci Mane’s Diddy Diss

Some people may find 50 Cent’s continued trolling of Diddy amidst his controversial situation no longer amusing. However, the “Candy Shop” crooner is not letting up. The rapper has been using “No Diddy” on social media to mock the disgraced mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. He has used it during interviews and IG captions, but the phrase gained more attention on April 24 when Gucci Mane dropped the song “TakeDat.” In the song, Gucci goes at the Bad Boy founder for four minutes straight by saying “No Diddy” after every line, and 50 loved it. He was such a fan of Gucci’s diss that he reposted on his Instagram profile with an endorsement.

Indeed, nobody has been more openly critical of Diddy than 50, especially when criminal allegations started to roll in. He posted photos from the raid on Diddy’s house in March and even found time to praise a woman holding a “No Diddy” sign during a ceremony in Shreveport. The “21 Questions” rapper added insult to injury by talking to Diddy directly in the caption. Fans flocked to the comment section, suggesting that 50 should hop on a “TakeDat” remix.

50 Cent and Gucci Mane have a history of supporting each other. Fif’ supported the East Atlanta Santa when he dropped a diss track against Jeezy titled “Rumors” in 2022. The track had a bar referencing the “ghost of Pookie,” and 50 hopped on IG Live to rap while making his best Gucci Mane impression. 50 and Gucci, who have often been compared to one another, also collaborated on the 2013 song “Recently.” The G-Unit mogul is continuing his anti-Diddy campaign behind the scenes. In December, he announced plans to release a documentary focusing on Diddy’s various sexual crimes. “The Diddy documentary is in development through G-Unit Film and Television, with 50 serving as executive producers,” a rep said. The proceeds from the documentary will be donated to victims of sexual assault and rape. A release date has not yet been announced.

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