Portable Welcomes New Talent: Femzyjay Joins Zeh Nation

 The Rising Star's Induction Marks a New Chapter for the Label

In a strategic move to expand his musical empire, Nigerian artist, Portable, also known as Habeeb Olalomi, has officially signed a new artist, Femzyjay, to his record label, Zeh Nation. This announcement has stirred excitement within the entertainment industry, signaling a promising future for both the label and the budding artist.

Femzyjay’s induction into Zeh Nation comes at a time when Portable is enjoying significant attention, both for his music and his recent flamboyant gestures, such as making dollars rain in the trenches after his European tour. This new signing indicates Portable’s commitment to not only furthering his own career but also investing in and nurturing new talent.


Social media has been abuzz with the news, with fans of both artists expressing their excitement and anticipation for the collaborations and music that this partnership promises. Comments range from speculations about upcoming tracks to praises for Portable’s decision to bring fresh talent under his wing.

Femzyjay, known for his unique sound and lyrical prowess, has already garnered a significant following. His inclusion in Zeh Nation is expected to provide him with the platform and resources to reach even greater heights. Collaborations between him and Portable are highly anticipated, with fans eager to see the synergy between the established sound of Portable and the fresh vibes of Femzyjay.

As the Nigerian music industry continues to evolve and expand, such strategic partnerships and signings are crucial for its growth. With Portable’s experience and Femzyjay’s fresh talent, Zeh Nation is poised to make significant waves in the industry.

In the coming weeks, fans can expect official announcements, possibly new track releases, and more insights into the partnership between Portable and Femzyjay. The entertainment industry waits with bated breath to see the magic this collaboration will produce.

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