Rapper, Sasha Skare, Has Been Served A 55-Year Prison Term For Killing Beyoncé’s Cousin

For killing Beyoncé’s cousin back in 2021, rapper Sasha Skare received a hefty prison sentence.

According to KENS-5, Martell Derouen, 34, was killed at his posh residence outside of San Antonio. Skare was found guilty of the crime. Before he was murdered and killed on January 26, 2021, Derouen, who is related to Beyoncé through their grandmother, had a budding rap career and went under the stage name Kantone.

Before receiving her 55-year sentence on Wednesday (August 30), Skare was also given the option of accepting a plea deal in exchange for 20 years in prison. On February 6, 2021, Sasha Skare was arrested for the shooting death of Deouren and charged with first-degree murder.

According to an arrest affidavit, neighbors claimed to have overheard a man and a woman arguing before hearing a gunshot. Skare was apparently captured on camera at Deouren’s apartment building right after the shooting. She was previously charged with aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon in 2019, which led to her being designated Marshals’ Most Wanted that year.

2019 saw Derouen join with Sony Music label The Orchard under the stage name Kardone. In 2018, Skare, a rapper and vocalist, debuted her songs, which included the album Hyer Quality, Vol. 1. Skare put out a single in April that was made by Derouen. Fans frequented Skare’s Instagram page before her arrest, but after hearing of the murder, she received a deluge of requests to turn herself in.

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