Rema And Justine Skye Ignite Relationship Rumours And Reactions From Fans

Rekindling dating rumors, American singer Justine Skye and Afrobeat artist Rema were photographed together as she celebrated her birthday. For a very long time, the two have continuously sparked relationship rumors. They have never refuted or confirmed any of these rumors. This has made a lot of people think that they might be dating in secret.

The two were spotted together last night while Justine Skye sat before her birthday cake and lighted candles. They both appeared to be far too comfortable.

The two have previously collaborated on a song, and Justine Skye has been spotted grooving out to the afrobeats singer’s music on multiple occasions. The American artist also joined Rema in celebrating his 21st birthday. This has since given rise to many rumors that they could be secretly dating. The “Calm Down” singer is still a global celebrity while his music keeps setting new standards.

With his debut album “Raves & Roses,” which has spent an unprecedented 30 weeks on the Billboard 200 list, Rema has broken the record for the longest-charting African album.

Additionally, later in November, Rema, who previously discussed the role that Afrobeats played in the development of his unique kind of music known as the Afro-Rave, is slated to perform as the headliner at London’s O2 Arena, making history.

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