Rema Expresses His Feelings About People Who Imitate His Style

Rema offered his thoughts on people who replicate his style but fail to give him some credit for what his wins as an artist. He delved into all that and more in an exclusive sit-down chat with the legendary producer Swizz Beats for RollingStone magazine.

The MTV VMA-winning singer, opened up out about the hardships of being an artist, revealing how much effort and energy he invests into his music and why the whole movement is very important to him. He laid bare his feelings regarding people who adopt his style but never acknowledge his strides in wanting to create something distinct and different.

Rema also explained why it is necessary that he keeps going hard at what he does and just how much responsibility rests on his shoulders as one of the most valued Afrobeats exports. Rema stated that he is “flattered” to be seen as one of the founders of things that people find copy-worthy even if he does not gain any credit for it.

Rema isn’t only sharing his thoughts, he has dropped some hot new snippets to new music and day-one fans are geeked out of their minds. Alongside the snippet releases, Remy boy also announced that he will be putting out a new EP “Ravage,” coming after the wild international success of his debut, “Rave & Roses.” Rema is HIM, and you have to agree at this point.

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