Resurfaced Clip Shows Time Busta Rhymes Tells Diddy That Coi Leray Is “Off-Limits”

Diddy and his previous relationships have been the subject of much online discussion lately, partly because of an unsettling video that appeared online last week. The founder of Bad Boy Records seems to have attacked Cassie, his former girlfriend, in the video. Though it didn’t stop the enormous criticism, he has now apologized. In addition to demanding justice and accountability for Cassie, many fans also raise concerns about Diddy’s morality and how he treats women. This episode has spurred crucial discussions about the need for public figures to lead by example and domestic abuse.

After seeing the video, fans investigated Diddy’s past with Cassie, Kim Porter, and others. Social media detectives have uncovered an old video showing him chatting with Coi Leray. The video features him and the “No More Parties” performer conversing at a restaurant. Busta Rhymes, who had previously worked with Coi on the song “Luxury Life,” was watching from the sidelines. When fans began to speculate about Diddy’s connections with these women and how they affected his persona, Busta Rhymes intervened to keep him in check. With new details emerging, the discourse surrounding Diddy’s treatment of women is still developing today. Diddy was held in check by Busta Rhymes.

Busta Rhymes briefly listened in on their chat before lightly nudging Diddy to caution him about what he said and did. People on social media observe that Busta Rhymes appeared somewhat worried, although it’s unclear whether this was a severe remark or a joke. Coi has not yet addressed the most recent controversy involving Diddy or the previously unreleased footage showing Busta Rhymes interrupting the mogul.

However, her father, Benzino, has strongly advocated for Diddy despite his legal troubles. In an interview with The Danza Project earlier this week, The Source icon chastised the black community for turning on Diddy after his accusations. After seeing the footage of Diddy abusing Cassie, it is unclear if he still believes that.

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