Portable Reportedly Assaulted And Rushed To The Hospital

Controversial Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, a Nigerian singer, was transported to the hospital after allegedly being attacked. The musician posted footage and photographs to his Instagram account from what appears to be a confrontation with three unknown males in an apartment after being physically assaulted.

Portable also posted invoices from the hospital, where he is now receiving treatment on Lagos Island.

Portable Reportedly Assaulted And Rushed To The Hospital, Yours Truly, News, April 21, 2024

The ‘Zazzu Zeh’ singer, who did not provide detailed specifics about what happened, stated that he was surrendered by his adversaries, who had done him dirty. Regardless, he thanked God for not being a man.

The savage conversation between the persons involved revealed the reason behind the brawl. In the videos posted to Portable’s Instagram story, he was heard asking why one of the people tried to use physical force to get more aggressive.

According to accounts on the internet, he was attacked because he turned down a gig for which he had already been paid. This comes after the musician became well-known on the internet due to his recent run-in with two teenage musicians who he claims attempted to do a dark magic trick on him.

The street-hop singer posted videos on social media in which he apparently “exposed” the two artists for the danger caused by the spiritual objects they were carrying.

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